Samsung 512MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM DIMM (M368L6423DTM)

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The M368L6423DTM is 32M bit x 64 Double Data Rate(DDR) SDRAM high density memory module based on fifth genernation of 256Mb DDR SDRAM respectively. The M368L6423DTM consists of sixteen CMOS 32M x 8 bit with 4banks Double Data Rate SDRAMs in 66pin TSOP-II(400mil) packages mounted on a 184pin glass-epoxy substrate. Four 0.1uF decoupling capacitors are mounted on the printed circuit board in parallel for each DDR SDRAM. The M368L6423DTM Dual In-line Memory Module and is intended for mounting into 184pin edge connector sockets.

Samsung DDR SDRAM 256MB PC2700 DIMM (M368L6423DTM) Samsung DDR SDRAM 256MB PC2700 DIMM (M368L6423DTM)

Product name Samsung DDR SDRAM PC2700 512MB DIMM
(PC2700U-25331B2, M368L6423DTM)
Manufacturer Samsung Electronics
Country of manufacture Korea
Build year/week 2003/12
Data Capacity 512MB
Clock speed 166Mhz (PC2700, DDR333)
Memory Timing CL=2.5
Features 184pin, DIMM, Unbuffer Non-ECC DDR SDRAM
Size 133.35mm × 31.75mm
Data bits 64bit
Internal Module banks 4
Data chip composition K4H560838D-TCB3 × 16
(32M × 8bit × 16chips)
Package TSOP-II
VDD voltage 2.5V ± 0.2V
Operating Case Temperature Range 0°C ~ 85°C

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