Intel Pentium MMX 200 (FV80503200)

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Pentium MMX has twice L1 cache of previous Pentium. It contained MMX commands for faster multimedia processing.

Intel Pentium MMX 200 FV80503200 frontside Intel Pentium MMX 200 FV80503200 backside

  • Manufacturer : Intel
  • Country of Manufacture : Malaysia
  • Code Name : Pentium MMX 200 (P55C)
  • Part Number : FV80503200
  • Introduction Date : 1997. 1. 8.
  • Clock Speed : 200Mhz (66Mhz x 3.0)
  • Bus Speed : 66Mhz
  • Data Bandwidth : 32bit (64bit data bus)
  • L1 Cache : 16KB(data, 4-way) + 16KB(instruction, 4-way)
  • Memory Addressing Limit : 4GB
  • Process : 0.35µm
  • Die size : 141mm²
  • Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 70°C
  • Features : Socket 7, 296pin, MMX Technology
  • Voltage : 2.8V(Core), 3.3V(input/output)

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I got this when it was on sale for $300 and it was a good deal. It runs great, no issues yet. I wihesd it had built in wireless though, but the adapter I got for it is ok. I lived in a college dorm which only has wifi. I am using this computer for everyday tasks and CAD software as I am a drafting/design student. I don’t plan on doing much gaming with it as the processor and graphics card aren’t the best out there. So, not for the hardcore pc gamer. But great for a college student.

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