Intel 486DX4-100 SK051

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Intel once filed a lawsuit that requested preventing use of 486/586 names by competing companies. The American court judged that the name composed of only numbers can not recognize the trademark right. So processor manufacturer including Intel have been using trademarks like Pentium and Athlon instead of names like 486 and 586. Therefore the trademark recorded in this CPU is IntelDX4, is not i486DX4. But It is better known as 486DX4 or 80486DX4 than as IntelDX4.

Intel 80486DX4-100 frontsideIntel 80486DX4-100 backside

Inside and outside clock speed of 486DX is same. 486DX2 contained double clocking technology increasing inside speed to two times of outside speed. DX3 was a standard that made use of 2.5× multiplier, but it was not released as common product. In IntelDX4, 3.0× multiplier operates.

IntelDX4 supports 3.3/3.45V regular voltage, 2×/3× multiples and 25/33/50Mhz FSB speeds.

‘SK051′ receives 33Mhz FSB speed and 3.45V voltage. It operates at 100Mhz clock speed(3× FSB speed). It cannot support 2x multiple. ‘&E’ means that it is write-through cache version. (If ‘&EW’ is written, the CPU contains write-back cache.)

Intel 80486DX4-100 backside (2)Intel 80486DX4-100 on socket

intelDX4 exactly fits 169pins Socket 1. But It can put 238pins Socket 2 and 237pins Socket 3. Socket1/2 supports 5V. To safely use IntelDX4 on Socket1/2, the motherboard must be able to modulate CPU Voltage to 3.3V.

Previous CPUs generated low heat, so they could use without heatsink. But DX4 was too hot to use without heatsink because of DX4 speed attain to 75~120Mhz. Attaching heatsink and fan on CPU chip is general after DX4.

  • Manufacturer : Intel
  • Code Name : IntelDX4 (Intel 80486DX4)
  • Intruduced Time : 1994. 3. 7.
  • Part Number : A80486DX4-100 SK051
  • Country of manufacture : Malaysia
  • Core Speed : 100Mhz (33Mhz x 3.0)
  • Bus Speed : 33Mhz
  • Process : 0.6㎛
  • Features : 169pin, Socket1/2/3
  • Voltage : 3.45V (3.3~3.6V)
  • L1 cache : 16KB

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