AMD Geode NX 1750 (ANXS1750FXC3M)

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AMD introduced the Geode NX, which is an embedded version of the Athlon processor, K7. Geode NX uses the Thoroughbred core and is quite similar to the Athlon XP-M that use this core. The Geode NX includes 256KB of level 2 cache, and runs fanless at up to 1GHz in the NX1500@6W version. The NX2001 part runs at 1.8GHz, the NX1750 part runs at 1.4GHz, and the NX1250 runs at 667MHz.

The Geode NX, with its strong FPU, is particularly suited for embedded devices with graphical performance requirements, such as information kiosks and casino gaming machines, such as video slots.

AMD Geode NX 1750

Product name AMD Geode™ NX 1750@14W
Manufacturer AMD
Country of manufacture Malaysia
Family/Architecutre AMD K7 based on Mobile Athlon XP-M
Core name Thoroughbred
Microarchitecture AMD K7
Ordering Part Number (OPN) ANXS1750FXC3M
stepping BJJF 0535SEPAW
Introduction year/week 2005/35
First release 2004. 5.
Socket Socket A
Package 462pin OPGA
Data width 32bit
Clock speed 1.4Ghz (1400Mhz)
Front Side Bus 133MHz (266MT/s)
Clock multiplier 10.5
The number of cores 1
The number of threads 1
L1 cache instructions 64KB + data 64KB
L2 cache 256KB
Production Process 130nm (0.13μm)
VCore 1.25V
Features 3DNow!, MMX and SSE instruction sets
 Power management AMD PowerNow!, ACPI 1.0b and ACPI 2.0
Power consumption 14W (Average)
Thermal Design Power (TDP) 25W
Maximum die temperature 95°C

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