UMC Sync Cache Module 256KB (Pipeline Burst Cache)

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UMC Sync Cache Module 256KB Frontside (Pipeline Burst Cache)

UMC Sync Cache Module 256KB Backside (Pipeline Burst Cache)

Many mainboards, supported early pentium CPU, usually had sync cache memory chips as CPU L2 cache. This sync cache module(COASt; Cache On A Stick)  is external memory module used as additional CPU L2 cache. It maximizes the perfomance of the processor while the processor is waiting for instructions or data. L2 cache is used for operating closer to the theoretical limit of the microprocessor.

‘Pipelining’ suggests that the transfers after the first transfer happen before the first transfer has arrived at the processor. ‘Pipleline burst cache’ was developed as an alternative to asynchronous cache and synchronous burst cache.

  • Product Name : UMC Sync Cache Module 256KB (Version : 1.8)
  • Part Number : LM 2MV 94V-0
  • Manufacturer : UMC
  • Country of manufacture : Taiwan
  • Build Year/Week : 1996/39
  • Data Capacity : 256KB
  • Pin count : 80pins
  • Features : COASt(Cache On A Stick), Pipeline Burst Cache, additional L2 Cache, SRAM
  • Voltage : 3.3V
  • Chip Composition : [UM61(L)3232AF-7 9641S MM4X52] ✕ 2 + [UM61(m)256s-15 9549D RB1121] ✕ 1


Sync Cache Module Slot (Pipeline_Burst_Cache Moduel Slot)

UMC Sync cache module installed on Soyo mainboard slot

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You forgot the most common colloquial term for these: COAST (Cache On A Stick) :P

I just know the term, COASt(Cache On A Stick).
Thank you for your kind comment.

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