Hyundai 1MB DRAM 30pin SIMM

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This RAM is 30-pin 1MB SIMM produced by Hyundai Electronics industry(Hynix of now). 30-pin SIMMs were used universally from 80286 to 80486. If the number of chips is odd number, one of the chips perform parity check.

This RAM is composed of two HY514400A(1M x 4bit) and one HY531000A(1M x 1bit). The memory capacity of the RAM is 1MB. HY531000A is data chip, and HY531000A is parity chip.

Hyundai 30-pin 1MB SIMM (HY514400A × 2 + HT531000A)

  • Manufacturer : Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Manufactured Year : 1993
  • Product Features : 30-pin, DRAM SIMM, Parity RAM
  • Memory Capacity : 1MB
  • Bandwidth : 8bit
  • Speed Feature : 70ns(tRAC)
  • Chip Composition : HY514400A × 2 + HY531000A (4×2 + 1 bits)

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I was so interested in yubing ONE 2GB sodimm RAM to upgrade mi ram from 1 gig to 3 gig . And I receive 2 1gig sodim Maybe it`s the way crucial work I don’t know but they NEVER especified in their product that they were talking about 2x1GB SODIMMS instead of 1x2GB Ram I hope next time they could be more specific.Well now i have 2 gigs on laptop and i had to sell the other extra memory

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